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Dee The Dog Trainer

Dee The Dog Trainer – Doodle Grooming

Dogs which are a mix of a Poodle, and another breed are often referred to ‘doodles’. These include Irish Doodles, a Labradoodle, and of...

Dee The Dog Trainer – What Age Should Your New Puppy Be?

When Dee does a training or behaviour consult, the first thing she asks is “what age was your puppy when you brought him home?”...

Dee The Dog Trainer – When To Groom Your Pup

Top 5 Tips on When to groom your new pup. Many breeds and cross breeds of dog require regular professional grooming, which should be considered before...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Dog Law

Owning a dog is a privilege and joy. However, there are legal requirements which dog owners must be made aware of. On this morning's...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Unwanted Barking

All dogs bark, some more than others! Contrary to popular belief, dogs that are very vocal tend to be insecure and needy rather than...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Dealing With Frustration

When we invite puppies into our world, we sometimes forget how stressful that can be. We expect them to accept leads in public, accept being...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Dog Aggression

On The Colum McGrath Breakfast Show this week. Dogs which guard items and food can be a nightmare to live with, it is easy...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Submissive Urination

Submissive urination is when your young puppy pees a little, usually when excited and greeting new people or dogs. It’s a puppy’s way of saying...

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