Dee The Dog Trainer – Dog Law

Dee The Dog Trainer

Owning a dog is a privilege and joy. However, there are legal requirements which dog owners must be made aware of. On this morning’s Colum McGrath Breakfast Show, Dee listed the main ones you need to know in Ireland!

1. Despite mandatory microchipping of all dogs being introduced in 2015, it is still the law that all dogs must wear a collar and a tag at all times. Without a tag, you are relying on the goodwill of the finder to keep your dog safe, potentially overnight before a vet or a pound reopens. A simple tag will mean you can get reunited immediately. Otherwise, you may face an on the spot fine of 100 Euro.

2. Scoop the poop! A real issue still in many local areas. Its simple, if you own a dog you MUST clean up after him or face an on the spot fine of 150 Euro.


3. Dogs must be kept under control. And yes, that includes all those friendly dogs! Many dog owners who end up in trouble for breaking this law have friendly dogs. These dogs are still out of control and can very easily frighten or knock over vulnerable people. On the spot fine is 100 Euro

4. You cannot allow your dog to roam unattended. It may have been acceptable 20 years ago in rural areas, but it is unacceptable, lazy and downright dangerous for the public and the dog to allow this. Secure your garden before even considering adding a dog to your life.

5. Be aware of the restricted dogs list which includes 11 breeds which face additional controls such as always wearing a short lead and a muzzle in a public place.

Dogs will be more welcome and included in family life if we all be more responsible and
respectful in public with our dogs. For more information contact