Dee The Dog Trainer – Submissive Urination

Dee The Dog Trainer

Submissive urination is when your young puppy pees a little, usually when excited and greeting new people or dogs. It’s a puppy’s way of saying “look I’m a tiny puppy who can’t control my bladder yet, please don’t hurt me”. It is normal puppy behaviour, which should stop as puppy grows older and gains confidence.

Here are Dee’s Top 5 Tips to help you cope!

  1. Don’t ever punish!! As this behaviour stems from insecurity, it follows that using aggression to try and treat it will make your puppy even more insecure, leading to a vicious cycle. Ignore the behaviour and look at ways to build his confidence instead.
  2. If it progresses beyond 6 months seek veterinary advice to rule out medical conditions such as a Urinary Tract Infection or a tummy upset.
  3. Try using Low Key greetings, preferably on outdoor surfaces. Redirect the puppy’s excitement by producing a toy to throw or toss some treats on the ground.
  4. If your dog pees during other unusually times such as when being trained or groomed, this is a sign of distress. Re assess your training methods and seek professional help.
  5. Make sure your day-to-day toilet training is going to plan, and make sure to clean up any accidents using the appropriate biological cleaner to help avoid reoffences.

Remember, while it may be inconvenient, submissive urination is a sign that the puppy wants to be submissive and therefore is more likely to be a biddable adult dog! So, weather the storm and you’ll be left with a fabulous friend for life!


Happy training!