Dee The Dog Trainer – When To Groom Your Pup

Dee The Dog Trainer

Top 5 Tips on When to groom your new pup.

Many breeds and cross breeds of dog require regular professional grooming, which should be considered before you commit to a puppy. Not maintaining the coat can lead to uncomfortable matting and in severe cases can even injure the dog over time. It is at the very least uncomfortable for most dogs and we have a duty of care, as a dog owner, to prevent neglect of our dogs’ coat. Here are some top tips to ensure your new puppy will enjoy visits to the grooming parlour.

1. As soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated arrange a visit at your local groomers. There may not even be any cutting involved at this stage, but the noise of the dryers and the handling on the table are all important experiences for your puppy to be exposed to while still young – it will make the experience less frightening in the future.


2. Bring your puppy’s blanket, toy, and a few treats which the groomer can use to make the puppy’s experience more enjoyable. A walk beforehand is also desirable.

3. Crate train your puppy- most groomers require your puppy to spend part of the session  in a crate or a cabin dryer so gettingnm them accustomed to this at home can help greatly.

4. Get your puppy used to being restrained with a normal collar and lead, and to not be
frightened of it. This will mean it is less scary on the grooming table, where this restraint is
needed for safety.

5. Book regular grooming appointments to ensure your pup’s coat is kept in good condition.
Severe matting will inevitably lead to your dog’s coat being cut short so be prepared for this if you miss appointments. The comfort of the dog is paramount to any groomer and de-matting a severely matting coat is never the humane option.

Finally, if your concerned about your pet’s coat contact your local groomer for advice.