Dee The Dog Trainer – Doodle Grooming

Dee The Dog Trainer

Dogs which are a mix of a Poodle, and another breed are often referred to ‘doodles’. These include Irish Doodles, a Labradoodle, and of course Cockapoos. Because of different mix of coat types, their coats are often high maintenance and very prone to matting and may also shed.

Here are Dee’s Top 5 tips to help keep them looking divine!

1. Ensure your puppy has its first groom as soon as it is fully vaccinated. These coats are
typically ‘fluff dried’ all over, meaning they need to learn to tolerate a hairdryer all over their bodies and their heads.


2. Regular grooming at home is important. Remember to pay special attention to high friction areas such as the armpits, the ears, the tail, and any area covered by a collar or harness.

3. Use a ‘slicker brush’ first, making sure to lift the coat and start closest to the skin and  work outwards. A silicone-based conditioner spray can help hugely with smaller matts.
Remember, while non-shed coats can cut down in the hoovering, it makes for more high
maintenance coats.

4. A wet Doodle will very quickly become a matted Doodle! If your Doodle becomes wet and muddy, use a hose to remove the excess mud and dry thoroughly with a high velocity
hairdryer, while brushing out any knots as you go.

5. Get your puppy used to getting touched under the eyes and under the tail from a young age, and you should be able to keep these important areas short yourself, between grooms. Most owners eventually decide on a short haircut, usually every 8-12 weeks, which makes managing these coats much less labour intensive and leaves much more time for fun and getting muddy!