Former Clare TD Calls For General Election Amid Cost Of Living Crisis

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A former Clare TD is calling for a general election following what he says is the Government’s failure to deal adequately with the cost of living crisis.

It comes amid suggestions from the Cabinet table that Budget 2023 could be brought forward by up to a month.

The cost of living is hitting everybody’s pockets, and we’re already being warned to expect a difficult winter.



Sinn Fein say that’s why they brought forward proposals for an emergency budget to deal with inflation last night, but the Government opposed the motion.

Ministers are insisting there will be a comprehensive package brought forward in Budget 2023, which is due to be announced in October, though that timeframe now appears up in the air.

Green party leader Eamon Ryan believes a September budget could be a possibility.

Clare’s Fianna Fail TD believes ‘immediate’ State interventions in the cost of fuel and home heating oil are needed.

Meelick-based Fianna Fail Deputy Cathal Crowe wants to see certain measures brought in before the autumn.

A former Mayor of Clare though is criticising what she claims is poor communication from the Cabinet table on the matter.

Despite suggestions today that Budget Day may be brought forward, there appears to have been no mention of that in the Dail chambers in the course of last night’s debate.

Former Independent Shannon Councillor Patricia McCarthy believes Ministers are shooting themselves in the foot.

A former Clare TD believes it’s time for the country to go to the ballot box as a result of the crisis.

James Breen served as an Independent Deputy for this county between 2002 and 2007, and feels the Government hasn’t handled the issue well.

He believes a general election is needed and that a three party Government isn’t working.

It remains to be seen when Budget 2023 will be, but the Government appears to be holding firm on its commitment not to introduce new measures until after the Dail’s summer recess.

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