Morning Focus – Thursday 07/06/18

Today’s Morning Focus began on quite a serious note as Shaneda Daly, a rape and sexual abuse survivor discussed the acquittal of all four defendants in the recent high-profile Belfast rape profile and the proposal to give complainants their own legal representation.

Then, we talked to Christopher Hartnett from Parteen, the Regional Manager for the new Oliver Healthcare Packaging technology packaging centre in Oranmore. It’s thought the centre will mean there will be many more jobs in the area.

Then, following on from yesterday’s discussion with rural business owner, Laurence O’Brien about the high rates causing rural businesses to close down we discussed the situation with Councillors Tom McNamara and Michael Begley. What can the council do to help rural businesses stay open?


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Moving to our second hour we heard from Dr. Toby Sachsenmaier, psychologist and parenting expert for our parenting advice segment. Dr. Sachsenmaier talked about how parents behave online and addressed any parenting concerns our audience had.

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Next on the show was Clare FM’s own Joan Hanrahan. She stopped by to give us all the details on the upcoming trad music event, Fair Plé. The event aims to put female trad artists on a more equal footing with their male counterparts. The event will take place in Lucas’ tomorrow (June 8th).

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Rounding out the hour was Nora Kelly, a Haemochromatosis Awareness advocate. She talked to us as part of Haemochromatosis Awareness Week and encouraged people to get themselves checked.

Beginning our final hour of Morning Focus we had John Wall. John had been diagnosed with prostate cancer recently at age 46. He shared his story and encouraged men to get themselves checked.

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Then, Rhonda Murphy and Joe Carey talked about the upcoming Rocky Road Ramble, a charity walk in aid of Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. The walk will take place on Saturday the 16th of June at 11AM at Éire Óg G.A.A. Club.

Finally, John O’Connell an organizer of the estuary cycle in Labasheeda talked to us about that event. This event takes place this Saturday.