Visiting Ban Remains In Place At Midwest Hospitals

The UL Hospitals Group is reminding people that a visiting ban remains in place at six hospitals in the Midwest, as part of efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The ban on visitors was introduced at University Hospital Limerick, Ennis General, the maternity hospital, St John’s, Nenagh and Croom in March and is unaffected by the activation of Phase 1 of the roadmap for easing restrictions.

The only exemptions to the ban are parents visiting children in hospital, birthing partners of women in the delivery ward, people assisting confused patients such as those with dementia or people visiting the critically unwell or at end of life.


CEO of the UL Hospitals Group, Colette Cowan insists it’s necessary to keep the ban in place while there’s a risk of a second wave of Covid-19.