Ross Labels Strike As ‘Orchestrated Ambush’ As He Vows Not To Get Involved

Photo © Clare FM

Bus Workers in Clare insist that they don’t want the Transport Minister to swoop in with his cheque book to resolve the ongoing row over cutbacks.

They’re commenting in light of travel chaos this morning after bus drivers picketed outside bus and rail depots, leading to the cancellation of additional public transport services.


Tens of thousands of commuters across the country were left stranded this morning with no warning, after striking Bus Éireann staff picketed train stations and bus depots.

Colleagues in Irish Rail and Dublin Bus refused to cross the picket lines leading to nationwide cancellations on those services, but this action has since ceased, after drivers abandoned their pickets.

Services have resumed on Irish Rail and Dublin Bus, but delays are expected for the rest of the day.

The Limerick-Galway rail service from Ennis resumed at 12.30, while the Galway to Limerick service gets underway from quarter to two.

The Social Protection Minister says people are rightly angry at what he said was an unlawful wildcat strike action.

Leo Varadkar says the WRC or Labour Court is the only place where this will be resolved.

Killaloe Executive Member of the NBRU and Councillor Tony O’Brien says today’s action was out of frustration at the lack of action to resolve the issue.

He says they don’t want the Transport Minister to inject cash into the company.

The Transport Minister Shane Ross has called morning’s action an ‘orchestrated ambush’ of the travelling public.

And repeated again that he will not interfere in the dispute.

Bus drivers in Clare feel they have been left with little option but to continue their strike action, saying there has been no effort to return to the talks table to resolve the issue.

Shop steward with SIPTU Gerry O’Brien, who’s picketing outside Ennis depot for an eight day says failing to protect bus services could have irreparable damage for the tourist industry in Clare.

NBRU union member Mel Keating has thanked the public for their ongoing support.

He insists they will keep up their action for as long as it takes.

But some members of the public have expressed anger over having to turn to private bus operators or resort in hitching in order to make it to their destination.