Morning Focus Thursday September 15

Over 440,000 septic tank owners around the country will have to pay a once off registration fee next year
The charge of no more than 50 euro is being imposed under new legislation following a European Court of Justice ruling in 2009
An inspection of tanks by local authorities will also begin in 2013 – primarily in areas close to drinking water sources
Phil Hogan says Ireland will face significant fines if the measures are not introduced
On Thursday’s Morning Focus we heard from Environment Minister Phil Hogan and Jim Connolly of the Irish Rural Dwellers Association who maintains it is another stealth tax that discriminates against rural homeowners. He thinks the whole issue is farcical.

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Mountshannon has made aviation history as it becomes the first licensed sea-plane base in Ireland
Harbour Flights Ireland has been planning a sea plane service from the East Clare area for four years now, and the Irish Aviation Authority has approved the licence for it’s base in Moutshannon Harbour, paving the way for sight-seeing flights to begin in the near future
The company has plans for other bases in Limerick, Galway, Cork and Dublin, and are now awaiting similar approval from the aviation authority for each location to get a sea plane commuter service up and running
Harbour Flights Managing Director Emlyn Heaps in confident the service can be a commercial success, and will also boost tourism in the mid-west
Emlyn Heaps, Managing Director of Harbour Flights, discussed the news with John.
Amnesty International Ireland supports calls for an investigation into what the ‘Behind the Walls’ series revealed about Ireland’s psychiatric hospital system
acknowledges the sad and distressing issues portrayed in the two recent RTE programmes
Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland spoke with John.

Women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 42%* by making lifestyle changes such as being more physically active, drinking less alcohol and having a better diet
This is the Irish Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in partnership with Vhi Healthcare
In high-income countries such as Ireland, approximately four in ten breast cancer cases can be linked to alcohol, body fatness and physical inactivity
The results of the Irish Cancer Society’s pilot Physical Activity Programme for Breast Cancer Survivors were released today at the Society’s annual National Breast Cancer Conference
The programme, which was launched at last year’s conference, has revealed very positive results with key improvements for the survivors who took part in the areas of physical fitness, emotional wellbeing and overall quality of life
Joanne Vance, Senior Health Promotion’s Officer with The Irish Cancer Society had a word with John.
For more information freephone 1800 200 700.

After working for several years as a freelance underwater cameraman, Ken O’Sullivan and his wife Katrina Costello set up Sea Fever Productions in 2006 to produce Ocean themed & wildlife documentaries
They have produced an Irish underwater wildlife TV series called Farraigí na hÉireann filmed and produced by Ken and his wife Katrina all around the island of Ireland over the course of two years
It’s pretty unique in that it features the beautiful underwater world around
Ireland for the first time on Irish TV We meet dolphins, basking sharks,
jellyfish, sea birds and much more
It also looks at their connection with the sea and it’s creatures, from the original coastal dwellers of 9,000 years ago up to the present day featuring the personal insights of older fishermen and passionate marine biologists. Ken joined John in studio to explain
It will be broadcast on TG4 every Tuesday from September 20th at 8pm for six weeks

A major step forward for oral history in Ireland was heralded recently with the formation of a national organisation, established to co-ordinate and strengthen the work of oral history practitioners and groups across the country
The Oral History Network of Ireland, supported by some of the leading oral historians and organisations in the country
A conference is taking place in Kilkenny Castle this Friday and Saturday organised by the Oral History Network of Ireland
Based in Kilkenny, she’s a full time worker for the GAA oral history project
People are travelling from all corners of the world to attend
Regina Fitzpatrick is the Founder / Director pf The Oral History Network of Ireland, she had a word with John.

John Underhill of Burren Vets joined John to answer listeners’ pet and livestock health queries.

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