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Morning Focus

Clarewoman Talks About Melbourne Lockdown Experiences

A heavy police clampdown affecting five million people is in place in Australia to contain a flare-up of coronavirus cases, with checkpoints set up...

Concerns About International Visitors To Clare

A North Clare tour operator cancelled a guided cycle for two US tourists this weekend, after they said they hadn't isolated for two weeks....

Return Of Religious Services

It's understood that weddings on Sundays may be under consideration following the sheer volume of nuptials that had to be cancelled or postponed during...

Plans To Commemorate WW1 Soldiers From Kilrush

The legacy of Kilrush men who fought in the First World War will be preserved for future generations, it is hoped. A new memorial...

Clare ‘Free’ Of Covid – 19

Clare has gone 28 days without a new case of the coronavirus here. The milestone is significant, as it is the same as two...

Torpey Hurleys Launch Bamboo Hurl

The Clash of the Ash will be replaced by the Battle with Bamboo if Torpey Hurleys' new product takes off. The renowned hurley makers,...

Ennis Musical Society Fundraising Efforts End In Success

Last week, on the programme, Ennis Musical Society announced that they were facing a precarious future, caused by the forced cancellation of their latest...

Pedestrianisation Of Ennis

Since mid-May, much of Ennis Town Centre has been pedestrianised to allow for greater social distancing. The plan was endorsed by a majority of...

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