Minister Richard Bruton On Supports For Workers And Local Radio

Last night, the government upgraded payments to workers who’ve lost their job due to Covid-19 to 350 euro a week.

It also committed to temporarily pay 70 per cent of workers salaries up to 410 euro a week.

The new financial supports for businesses will bring some much-needed confidence to the sector.


Minister Richard Bruton has been speaking to Clare FM’s Pat Flynn about that and the problems facing local radio.

Clare FM like all our counterparts up and down the country have seen advertising revenue literally flatline over the last 10 days.

While businesses welcomes the measures that the government put in place yesterday, radio stations due to the very nature of the business we are not in a position to close the doors and ride out the current crisis.

With no income coming in, local stations like Clare FM could face the stark reality of having to switch off the microphones and walk away.

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