UL Hospitals Group Extends Visiting Ban Across All Six Hospitals

University Hospital Limerick emergency department

The UL Hospitals Group is extending the visiting ban in place across all its hospital sites until March 29th, in line with the Government decision to close all schools, colleges and childcare facilities.

The group says they regret that so many people have been unable to visit their loved ones in hospital, and acknowledge the impact of loneliness and isolation on people in our care at this time, particularly elderly people.

Drop-off & collection services have been made available to help people get important personal items to and from their relatives in hospital.


Security staff at University Hospital Limerick and reception staff at Croom, Nenagh, Ennis, and St John’s Hospitals will assist with queries about this service.

The only exceptions to the visitor ban are as follows (with a strict limit of one visitor per patient):
· Partners of women attending University Maternity Hospital Limerick
· Parents visiting children in hospital
· People visiting patients at end-of-life
· People assisting confused patients (e.g. dementia)
· People visiting patients in Critical Care

In a statement, the UL Hospitals Group has thanked the public and patients for their cooperation at this difficult time, and for helping to keep the Emergency Department (ED) as a place where the priority is the treatment of the most seriously injured and ill people, and those whose lives may be at risk.

“As an alternative to attending ED we urge everyone to first consider all care options available in their own communities, including family doctors, out-of-hours GP services, and local pharmacies”

Local Injury Units (LIUs) at Ennis and Nenagh Hospitals (8am-8pm daily), and St John’s Hospital (8am-6pm, Monday to Friday) are an excellent option for treatment of broken bones, dislocations, sprains, strains, wounds, scalds and minor burns, without a lengthy wait that can be expected in the ED at this time.