Coast Guard Says Recruitment Underway For Kilkee Service

Photo © Pat Flynn

The Irish Coast Guard says recruitment is underway to enhance numbers at the Kilkee unit.

It comes as members of the local community come together later to hold a protest amid claims the service has had no structure in its running for over a year.

They’re also criticising the Coast Guard for having low numbers of rescuers – but the IRCG says meetings are being held to combat this and some members have been returning to this unit.


Manuel Di Lucia is a founder of Kilkee Marine Rescue, which was taken over by the Coast Guard four years ago – he isn’t happy:

Full Statement from spokesperson for Irish Coast Guard:

IRCG has kept a vigilant presence in Kilkee CGU since last year’s tragic accident,  in that while the unit was off service for some time it was a process to ease them back operationally.

Keeping in mind that people had stood down or left for various reasons an intensive training process  was put in place in addition to routine training focusing mainly on boat training.

IRCG have held several meetings and commenced recruitment  with a view to further enhancing the unit numbers-wise and some members have returned to the Unit recently.

The IRCG held a recent meeting with the OPW to commence planning enhancement of the accommodation  and other facilities for members.

There is no concern for Search and Rescue (SAR) in the area and its well served by the SAR helicopter in Shannon, RNLI Kilrush and Aran plus Doolin CGU and  Ballybunion CGU.

It should be remembered that SAR Units don’t work in isolation for one specific area but in unison as a team as required.

Kilkee has recently been involved in two significant incidents in the area working alongside these  adjacent units successfully. IRCG is available for meetings as required in relation to address any further improvements which may be deemed necessary.