Local Couples Impacted By Level 3 Wedding Restrictions

Picture © Pixabay

The hospitality sector is reeling from the effects of level 3 restrictions. Many will battle to stay open for the next three weeks, and for others, that battle may prove too much. The wedding industry, which relies heavily on the hospitality sector, has also been hit hard by level 3 restrictions which mean that only 25 people can attend, and none can travel to the wedding from outside the county.

The Armada Hotel in Spanish Point found themselves grappling with these issues this week as a couple, who have already twice cancelled their wedding are due to tie the knot today. They’ve now been forced to halve their already limited guestlist mere days before the wedding. The hotel has also made the decision to reduce their opening hours and will now only operate from Thursday to Sunday each week.

On Thursday’s Morning Focus, Gavin Grace spoke to Grainne McGibney, Wedding and Events Planner at the Armada Hotel and Wedding Celebrant & Wedding Blogger at Atlantic Vows.