Retail And Hospitality Sectors In Clare Say Living Wage Needed to Prevent “Working Poor”

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Representatives of the retail and hospitality sectors in Clare say urgent steps are needed to prevent creating a “working poor”.

They’re making fresh calls for a living wage of €12.90 to be introduced for all workers in their respective sectors.


The Mandate Trade Union, which represents 30,000 workers across the country, has this week called for the immediate introduction of €12.90 per hour as an entry point for all workers in retail.

It’s delegate conference has also heard calls for collective bargaining rights and the return of the wearing of mandatory face masks by members of the public in retail settings.

The Union’s Midwest Division Organiser insists that workers should be recrognised for the sacrifices they made during the pandemic, when employees performed essential work that went beyond their contractual obligations.

Karen Wall believes every job should provide a standard of living and says there should be no place for having a “working poor”.

The hospitality sector is facing projected shortages of 40,000 employees in the wake of the pandemic and one worker in Clare believes it’s because of a lack of incentive for staff to stay in the industry.

Fionn Sexton Connolly says the time has come to match wages with inflation.

The Miltown Malbay native believes the living wage will give purchasing power back into the hands of the workers and stimulate the economy.

He says tax incentives could protect smaller businesses from making big losses in the short term.