Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle Meeting To Consider Draft Stormont Deal

Sinn Féin’s Ard Chomhairle is meeting this lunchtime to consider a deal which could see power-sharing restored in Northern Ireland after a three-year stalemate.

A draft agreement was proposed by the Irish and UK governments last night, and is now being discussed by all parties.

The DUP say it’s fair and balanced.


A Clare member of the Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle, meanwhile, says it’s vital to get politicians back to work in Stormont.

The late Martin McGuinness announced his resignation on January 9th, 2017 and dissolved the Northern Ireland Assembly in the process.

Over 1,000 days later, there is still no functioning government in place in Stormont but last night – three years to the day after McGuinness’ announcement, a deal came closer when Tánaiste Simon Coveney and Northern Secretary Julian Smith published the text of a draft agreement aimed at restoring power-sharing.

The Tánaiste has urged all parties to back the deal and break the deadlock.

Mr Coveney has described the agreement as a genuine “five party deal”, while the DUP says it’s both fair and balanced.

All parties are considering it, and Sinn Féin’s Ard Chomhairle is meeting today to discuss the deal.

Clare member of that committee, Shannon’s Donna McGettigan, says it’s vital now that an agreement is reached to allow work to resume in Stormont.

The Sinn Féin meeting is set to get underway around now, and other parties have also been holding their discussions.

Stormont assembly speaker Robin Newton could gather parties together to formally have their say later today.