Ennis Chamber Says Budget Has To Help Businesses ‘Keep The Lights On’ Ahead Of Lunchtime Announcement

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The government is set to announce a bumper budget package worth more than 10 billion euro as it tries to battle the soaring cost of living.

The plans will be largely aimed at young families with students also set to significantly benefit.




It’s a giveaway budget the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the financial crash.

Parents may get a number of benefits – a 25 per cent reduction in childcare costs leading to savings of between 1,200 and 2,100 euro per child; free primary school books and income tax changes worth 800 euro a year to those earning over 40-grand.

Students will see 1,000 euro slashed from third level fees and a double payment of the student grant, along with the reduction in public transport fares being kept.

While renters will get a 500 euro tax credit both this and next year.

Core social welfare rates will be raised by 12 euro, along with a 500 euro payment to carers and people with disabilities.

Free contraception will be extended to people aged 30 and under; publicly funded IVF will start next year and 1,000 extra gardaí will be recruited in 2023.

Businesses will be given money to deal with energy price hikes up to 10,000 euro a month; with households to get three energy credits worth a total of 600 euro.

Many people have been struggling, and many may think it’s not enough, but it’s a budget primed to put more money back in pockets than we’ve seen since the Celtic Tiger days.

The special 9 per cent VAT rate for the hospitality sector will expire next February – and return to 13.5 per cent.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ennis Chamber says today’s Budget has to be one that helps businesses across Clare keep the lights on this winter.

A one billion euro Temporary Business Energy Supports Scheme is part of the Government’s cost of living package.

The scheme will pay for 40% of the increase in gas and electricity that businesses are facing and be capped at €10,000 per month per business.

Ennis Chamber CEO Margaret O’ Brien says different sectors and industries will hope for different forms of support.

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