Home Ownership Nationally Reaches 46 Year Low


Less than 10,000 properties have been added to Ireland’s housing stock over the past five years, according to the census.

Just 8,800 extra homes were built in that time – compared with more than 225,000 between 2006 and 2011.


The government’s Action Plan for Housing says that around 15,000 homes were built last year and 13,000 in 2015.

However new Census data shows just 8,800 houses were added to the stock over the past 5 years – a 0.4% increase.

It shows a 20 per cent decrease in the number of vacant homes, with more than 180 thousand vacant dwellings – more than half of those are in urban areas.

Though the vacancy rate in small rural towns is quite high – Blacklion in Cavan having the highest rate where almost half of all homes are empty.

Deirdre Cullen from the CSO saying it’s affecting many small communities.