Significant Reductions In Scheduled Care At UHL

University Hospital Limerick emergency department

The region’s main hospital is to see ‘significant reductions’ in scheduled care until the end of the week.

The UL Hospitals Group says University Hospital Limerick continues to manage a ‘sustained surge’ in presentations to its emergency department.



UHL has moved to its highest level of escalation, with the UL Hospitals Group saying emergency and time-critical care for the sickest patients is now being prioritised.

The deferrals include outpatient appointments, elective surgery and diagnostic investigations.

The Emergency Department remains open 24-7 for emergency cases and emergency and trauma surgery is continuing.

Appointments that are exempt and will go ahead include cancer services, dialysis, the fracture clinic, cardiac rehabilitation and paediatric outpatient clinics.

The Group says it ‘sincerely regrets’ the reduction in activity at UHL, but say it’s a necessary move and is apologising to all patients impacted by the development.

It’s understood a decision on the resumption of scheduled care from next Monday will be made in the coming days, with patients to be advised accordingly by the UL Hospitals Group.