More Than Half Of People In Clare And Limerick Walk or Wheel Five Times A Week

Photo (c) Pixabay

More than half of people living in parts of South East Clare and Limerick walk or wheel at least five times a week.

The findings are contained in the largest ever survey of walking, wheeling and cycling in the Limerick Shannon Metropolitcan area, which is delivered in collaboration with Clare County Council, Limerick City and County Council and sustainable transport charity Sustrans.

More than 1,100 residents, aged 16 above, were surveyed across the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area, which centres on Limerick City but covers from Clonlara to Patrickwell and west to Shannon, for this walking and cycling index.


The report reveals that 61% of residents are in favour of additional investment in cycling infrastructure, with 70% in favour of additional investment in walking and wheeling infrastructure.

This comes amid a growing demand for active travel, with 49% expressing their desire to walk or wheel more, meaning the use of a wheelchair or mobility scooter, and 34% expressing a desire to cycle more in the future.

52% of adult residents said they walk 5 or more days a week, 55% use a car 5 or more days a week and 15% of adults cycle at least once a week.

76% of residents said, meanwhile, that they support building cycle tracks physically separated from traffic and pedestrians, even where that means less room for other traffic.

The report also found that every day, those who walk and cycle take nearly 32,000 cars off the road in the area and if all of these cars were in a traffic jam, it would tail back 151 kilometres, which is the equivalent of the distance from Limerick City to Waterford City.

Spokesperson for the National Transport Authority, Finola O’Driscoll says this is part of a family of reports being published today across the UK and Ireland and that it shows a willingness to give up road space for active travel.

The Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Walking and Cycling Index can be accessed here.