Dublin Man Who Moved To West Clare Before “Terrorising” Fourth Female Victim Jailed

Photo (c) by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA from Pexels vis Canva

A Dublin man with a history of violence against women and who changed his identity when moving to west Clare before “terrorising’ his fourth female victim has been jailed for seven years and 10 months.

At Ennis Circuit Court on Monday, Judge Francis Comerford imposed an eight year and seven month prison term on Scott Donegan (38) suspending the final nine months of the sentence.

As part of sentencing for two separate offences on different dates, Judge Comerford imposed a six-year 11 month prison term on Mr Donegan for the false imprisonment of an ex-partner during a four hour ordeal at his home at Knockmore, Kilmilhil, Co Clare on November 9th last.


Judge Comerford said that there was no question of him suspending any portion of the prison term for the false imprisonment as Mr Donegan’s three previous convictions for violent assaults against women contained an element of a suspended sentence and he continued to offend.

Judge Comerford said that Mr Donegan’s previous convictions for assaults against women was “an aggravating factor” when imposing sentence in the false imprisonment case.

Judge Comerford said that Mr Donegan had a 10 year prison term with the final two years suspended for the assault causing serious harm to his then partner in 2012.

Judge Comeford said that the “severe beating” Mr Donegan inflicted on the woman in February 2012 left her  brain damaged and the offence was compounded when Donegan “left her lying brain damaged for 15 hours” after the assault.

A native of Tallaght, Mr Donegan was released from prison in February 2018 for this offence and moved to west Clare shortly after.

Judge Comerford said that Donegan committed his first assault aged 18 against a then partner and received a suspended 12 month sentence.

Judge Comerford said that Donegan then aged 22 received a three year prison term with the final year suspended for two assaults carried out on another then partner in 2008.

Judge Comerford said that these three assaults were carried under the name of  under the name of Paul McMenamy before he changed his name by deed poll to Scott Donegan.

Judge Comerford said that in relation to his latest offence carried out while on bail, Donegan had “terrorised” his latest female victim.

In her victim impact statement, the Co Clare woman told the court that Scott Donegan “is a danger to society and he has scarred and damaged me for life”.

The woman said that Donegan imposed “a reign of terror” on her during the four hour ordeal on November 9th despite her begging him to stop.

She said: “I believed that I would be killed by him and never see my children or family again.”

In her victim impact statement, the woman told the court that Donegan legally changed his name “to avoid his past being made apparent where he was convicted of assault on three previous partners the last of whom was left with a brain injury”.

Det Garda Donal Corkery said that the woman in the new case was unaware of Donegan’s past and commenced a relationship with him.

However, Det Corkery stated the woman ended the relationship after seeing another side to Donegan “and after learning some bits about his past and his criminal history”.

Det Corkery said that Donegan couldn’t accept the relationship was over and last year continued to bombard the woman with messages from various social media platforms and blackmailed her if she didn’t meet with him that he would tell the woman’s former partner that she had an affair with someone else towards the end of their relationship.

Det Corkery stated that the woman felt she had no choice but to go and meet him.

Det Corkery stated that at Donegan’s home on November 9th last, Donegan took the mobile phone off her and forced her to sit in a chair “where she was frozen out of fear due to the aggressive behaviour of Mr Donegan”.

Det Corkery stated that Donegan ran at the woman with a knife and put her in fear.

Det Corkery said that Donegan then grabbed the woman by the throat and squeezed her wind-pipe.

He said that Donegan told her that he had a Glock hand-gun and a shot-gun and when saying this put on latex gloves.

Det Corkery said: “In total, the woman was not allowed to leave the house from 7m to 11pm. She was in constant fear that her life was in jeopardy.”

The detective said that Donegan returned the phone to the woman and she phoned a friend who came to the home to pick her up.

Det Corkery said that Donegan appeared in court on November 15th last and has remained in custody since.

Counsel for Donegan, Patrick Whyms BL (instructed by solicitor Daragh Hassett) previously told the court that his client apologises to the victim and is extremely sorry for all of his offences outlined to court.

Mr Donegan had gone forward to the circuit court on a signed guilty plea from the district court.

Mr Whyms said that Mr Donegan is in the early stages of a substantial period in custody but has been making the most of his time in prison by engaging with voluntary groups there and signing up for Leaving Cert courses as he left school when he was 14.

Mr Whyms said that a report found that Mr Donegan is not diagnosed with any mental illness.

In he victim impact statement, the woman that prior to November 9th last, “I was subjected to almost two weeks of harassment, stalking, him threatening suicide and threats made against me,  my family and friends because I did not want to continue a relationship with him after the reality and gravity of his web of lies that had been told to me because apparent”.

The woman said that during the four hour ordeal, “I have never thought it possible to experience fear like what I did on that night while he held a knife to me, put his hands on me and screamed in my face that he would butcher me”.

The woman said that “the psychological and emotional scars as a result of the trauma he has left with me are very real” and she suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and panic attacks.

She said: “I am left with the trauma, devalued and dehumanised by him.”

The woman said that she wakes up screaming from nightmares “where I can again can feel his hand on my neck, the spit from his mouth as he screamed in my face and him laughing at me taking pleasure as I begged him to stop while holding a knife to me while saying he was going to butcher me”.

Judge Comerford imposed an additional 20 months on Donegan for threatening to kill a William Martin on April 19th 2021 at Luis Na Si, Mullagh Rd, Miltown Malbay suspending the final nine months.

Judge Comerford ordered that the prison term is to run consecutive to the prison term for the false imprisonment making it seven years and ten months in total.

Judge Comerford back-dated the prison terms to last November.

Before being led away by prison officers, Mr Donegan said “thanks Judge”.