Residents Raise Concerns About Impact Of Proposed 100 Bed Nursing Unit In Ennis

Pic (c) HSE Midwest Community Healthcare

Local residents in the Gallows Hill and St Patrick’s Terrace estates in Ennis are raising concerns about the impact of a proposed 100 bed community nursing unit in the county town.

The HSE is expected to lodge plans for the facility to be built at a greenfield site near the Turnpike in the next number of weeks, which has been predicted to be ‘among the best in the country’ when built.

A public consultation on the project was held yesterday, with residents expressing concern about the entrance and exit of the proposed unit in the Gallows Hill vicinity contributing to heavy traffic in the area.


The HSE claims it will address those concerns within the planning application, with the facility set to cost in excess of 25 million euro if given the green light.

Local resident and Fianna Fail Councillor Pat Daly wants a roundabout to be built on the Captain Mac’s Cross to allay the community’s fears, and admits he doesn’t want the issue to linger.

Listen to the full interview here:

Pic (c) HSE Midwest Community Healthcare
Pic (c) HSE Midwest Community Healthcare