Government “Out Of Touch” With Low And Middle Income Workers

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A Clare Sinn Féin representative is accusing the Government of being “out of touch” with low to middle income workers.

It comes ahead of the party’s proposal for an emergency budget today, which the Government won’t support.



The Dáil will this evening debate whether there should be an immediate intervention on the cost of living, before the summer recess.

Sinn Féin’s calling for further measures to be brought in before the Dáil’s summer break in mid-July, but the Government will bring forward a counter-motion, insisting on waiting until October’s budget.

Cabinet Ministers met this morning to agree the counter-motion and Junior Business Minister, Robert Troy, says their stance will be confirmed before the Dáil debate this evening.

A Clare Sinn Fein representative insists his party is trying to help people, who are “cracking under the pressure” of the rising cost of living.

Chair of the Ennis Sinn Fein Cumann, Tommy Guilfoyle insists that a cap on fuel prices, coupled with a rent freeze is urgently needed so that low and middle income families can survive.

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