UL Hospitals Group Assures Public That They Have Capacity To Deal With COVID-19 Surge

Photo (c) ClareFM

The CEO of the UL Hospitals Group is reassuring members of the public that adequate resources are in place to deal with the expected COVID-19 surge in the coming weeks.

However, Colette Cowan is appealing to members of the public to assist them by observing the advice from the HSE to slow the spread of the illness.


There are now 557 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Republic of Ireland, after 191 new cases were announced by the Department of Health yesterday.

Three people have died as a result of the virus.

The HSE says the next 7 to 10 days are crucial in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and more restrictions may be necessary if the rise in the number of cases in Ireland doesn’t start to level off.

We’re being warned the number of people infected is likely to rise significantly in the coming weeks, with an increase in the numbers being tested, and the Taoiseach has admitted that as many as 15,000 people may be infected by the end of the month.

This has led to serious concern among members of the public about the capacity of the health service to deal with the expected influx of patients.

But CEO of the UL Hospitals Group, Colette Cowan is reassuring that they’re ready for whatever is coming down the line, but she says they need the public’s help.

The HSE and Department of Health are continuing to press the importance of social distancing in the first instance, to cut down on the number of potential infections, so that the health system can cope.

But Health Minister Simon Harris says the efforts so far simply aren’t good enough.

A Consultant Haemotologist and Clinical Director of Diagnostics with the UL Hospitals Group is also pressing the importance of heeding the advice from the top down.

Dr Denis O’Keefe is urging people, particularly those in the younger and fitter brackets, not to think solely about themselves because he says lives will be put at risk.