Concerns In Clare About Increasing Reliance On Lay People To Practice Faith

Concerns are being raised in Clare about the increasing reliance on lay people to actively practice religious faiths.

It follows comments from the Archbishop of Dublin who has said the current model of the church in Ireland is ‘unsustainable’.


Archbishop Dermot Farrell’s public comments suggested he believes there’s been ‘a major decline’ in the number of people who actively practice and live their faith.

In a wide ranging interview with the Siolta journal, Archbishop Farrell also criticised the media for not being positive in its understanding of the church.

It echoes concerns raised in THIS county that more lay people are having to take on roles of actively practicing religion.

Maureen Kelly, who’s a pastoral worker in the Catholic diocese of Killaloe, says they’re actively training 25 people in a number of different areas.

She believes the lack of numbers is a concern across a number of different sectors in the community.

Similar concerns are also being expressed in the Church of Ireland diocese of Limerick, Killaloe and Ardfert.

Stephen Fletcher, who’s Communications Officer for the diocese, says religious faiths are operating in a different environment in 2021 to previous generations.