Clare Gardaí Urge Older People Not To Let Strangers Into Your Home

back of garda jacket
Picture: Pat Flynn

Clare’s Crime Prevention Officer is urging older residents in the county not to allow strangers into your home.

Sergeant Triona Brooks says older people can feel vulnerable and more fearful of becoming a victim of crime and may feel isolated if living alone.

She says good neighbours are a vital component in crime prevention and helping an older person to feel safer by keeping an eye on their property and calling regularly to make sure everything is ok will make a big difference.


Sergeant Brooks is advising people to take simple steps to ensure they’re safe, when living alone, including fitting a door viewer and a door chain or limiter.

She’s warning that people shouldn’t open the door to anyone before checking their identification or leave strangers into your home and says you should also ensure the back door is locked before you answer a call at your front door.

In addition, she’s urging people to keep front and rear doors and windows locked day and night, to keep a list of emergency numbers so that you can access them quickly if you need to and to number your house clearly so that emergency services can find you quickly if necessary.