Cahercalla Inspection Raises Concerns

A HIQA inspection of an Ennis Nursing home has raised concerns over the safety and safeguarding of patients.

It’s one of two areas where Cahercalla Community Hospital was found to be majorly non-compliant during an unannounced inspection in February.

Inspectors visited Cahercalla Community Hospital on February 27th and 28th last, to monitor ongoing compliance regulations and standards.


They found that while refurbishement works carried out in 2013 had been completed to a high standard, the facility lacked sufficient communal, dining and recreational space for its 94 residents.

This had already been identified in a previous inspection, and Cahercalla says plans for a large sun room / dining room to enhance recreational activities have been presented and works are to commence.

Residents told the inspector that they were happy living in the centre and felt safe there, and overall, the findings of the inspection showed that residents received a good standard of care.

But, it was found that all reasonable measures relating to an allegation of abuse had not been taken, particularly in the case of two thefts, which had not been reported to Gardaí.

The centre’s policies have been brought up to date in this regard.

You can read the report in full here.