Audit At Templemore College Stress More Scrutiny Needed

Photo © Pat Flynn

A new internal audit offers an insight into how Gardaí are using money at their training college in Templemore.

In total 112 million was spent between 2009 and 2016, split between 50 bank accounts.

A 20 cent laundry charge, was spent on things like flowers, food and jewellery.


The bar had no cash records and a 124-thousand Euro rental payment has turned up in the restaurant account.

There was also a staggering 90 million on staffing costs.

The report stresses these are just interim findings with more auditing needed.

Meanwhile, the Garda Commissioner says she’s afraid the scandal around breath tests could go much deeper into the force.

Noirin O’Sullivan’s set to apologise for the ‘grave mistakes’ and wrongdoing that have led to the current controversies.

In a statement to an Oireachtas Committee the Commissioner says at worst the mistakes were deception, at best it was incompetence.

She’s also said that anyone found to be responsible at all levels will be held to account for the errors around breath testing and fixed charge notices.