Gardaí Warn Drivers They Could Still Be Unfit To Drive The Morning After Consuming Alcohol

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Clare Gardaí are warning motorists that they could still be unfit to drive the morning after a night out if they’ve consumed alcohol.

They’re urging people never to drive after consuming drink or drugs, as St Patrick’s Weekend celebrations continue, or to take a lift from someone who’s consumed drink or drugs.

40 people have died on our road so far this year, a rise of 4 on the same period last year and a jump of 10 on 2021 figures.


Clare’s Crime Prevention Officer, Sergeant Triona Brooks says “never drive having consumed alcohol or drugs and never ever take a lift from a driver whom you know has consumed alcohol or drugs. Remember, any amount of alcohol impairs your driving – so leave the car at home, arrange alternative transport, or stick to the soft drinks and understand that you could still be unfit to drive the morning after.

“We are appealing to people to be responsible and protect themselves and their family and friends over this St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday.

“If you are the victim of a crime or violence report it to the Gardaí immediately”, Sergeant Brooks said.