“Falsely Accused” – A Tribute Documentary To Bernárd Lynch

Clare FM broadcasted a documentary about the life of Ennis native Bernárd Lynch.
This very special documentary looked back at Bernárd’s life, from growing up in St. Michael’s Villas, being ordained in Newry, and then joining the SMA’s which would eventually lead him to New York.

While in New York, Bernárd worked with mainly sick men that were dying in their hundreds and thousands. The cause of these deaths was eventually coined AIDS.
By 1983 New York City had 1,000 reported AIDS cases, by 1987, it estimated 70,000 New Yorkers had AIDS.

While some families turned their back on their loved ones, Bernárd Lynch was there in their final hours, minutes, and seconds to bring peace and comfort.



In the late 80s, Bernárd was home and received a call to tell him criminal charges were being filed against him for the alleged sexual abuse of a teenage boy.
During this gruelling court case, Bernárd’s accuser admitted he had been forced to testify against his will by the F.B.I.

In Court, attorney Sean Walsh wanted the case ‘dismissed’ ‘thrown out.’ However, Judge Burton B. Roberts refused and went further and gave a verdict: “Innocent” of all charges.

This special radio documentary looked back at his advocacy role in New York, the court case and how Bernárd rebuilt his life and found love with his now husband, Billy Desmond.

This documentary was produced by Clare FM’s Programme Director Padraic Flaherty in collaboration with Bernárd.

Listen here: