Clare Water Usage Levels Below National Amounts

An average of 325 litres of water was used in Clare homes last year.

The figure is less than the national average, and 50 litres less than the figure for last year.

But a new CSO release suggests that some people here are using much more than that amount:


The CSO has published data relating to homes with water meters, meaning this data does not cover each residence in the county.

It’s also not specified just how many water meters have been installed here.

But of those metred homes, the daily average use of water of 325 litres is 26 less than the national average.

Demand for water here was highest in August and June of last year.

The statistics also reveal that the median level of water use in Clare last year was 224 litres, which is again less than the national amount.

This reflects typical water usage more accurately than the average figure, and the difference of over 100 litres between both amounts suggests that significantly more water is being used in some homes.