Father Wishes To Thank Staff At UHL

Today on Morning Focus, we were joined on the line by Cian Kearns, as he got in touch with the programme following a very positive experience he had with the University of Limerick Hospital.

Cian made contact with the show as he wished to thank the staff at University Hospital Limerick for the care they gave his daughter recently. His daughter Bodhie has a rare form of dwarfism as a result even just the common cold can become life-threatening. Bodhie took ill at the beginning of the month and while Cian was worried about the overcrowding situation at UHL A&E they still took her there however they received ‘world-class care’ for his daughter which meant she could return home 4 days after being admitted.

Cian wishes to thank the staff at UHL for their hard work and the care they gave his daughter.


If you missed it, you can listen back below: