Midwest Continues To Fall Behind For Broadband Connections

New figures show access to broadband for homes in the Midwest continues to lag behind the national average.

CSO data shows that 86 percent of homes in the Midwest are connected to the internet, compared to a national average of 89 percent connectivity.

Almost 28,000 households in Clare have broadband access – but 9,500 homes are without internet, according to the latest CSO figures.


While more homes than ever in the Midwest have an internet connection, we’re still less likely to have broadband at home than those in other regions.

Connection levels have risen from 73 percent in 2010 to 86 percent today – three points behind the national average.

There’s also been a stagnation in the rate of new home connections since 2014.

More than half of those in households without an internet connection have told the CSO it’s because they don’t need it, while another third says it’s down to their lack of IT skills.