Call For Government To Be More Proactive In Reducing Carbon Emissions

Photo © Clare FM

The Clare chair of the IFA is calling on the government to be more proactive in reducing carbon emissions, rather than introduce a new tax.

The carbon tax is not set to be brought in this year but may come into force from 2020 and will see the cost of heating and fuel rise.

Clare FM’s James Mulhall reports:


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has all but confirmed a carbon tax increase next year, stressing that it will be designed to change people’s behaviour and not take money out of their pockets.

It will, however, lead to hikes in fuel and heating prices – but Leo Varadkar says they’re looking at options to compensate people so they’re not left short.

This may include increased welfare payments and also a universal refund.

But Mr. Varadkar insists any revenue they take in with the tax will go back to households.

But here in Clare, the local IFA chair says the government is going about it the wrong way.

Farming organisations have previously hit out at the plans for a carbon tax, saying the increased fuel taxes in particular would destroy rural economies in Ireland.

Willie Hanrahan says farmers are already working to reduce carbon emissions so introducing a tax on top of that is punishment for work already being done.