Water Committee To Vote On Final Report

The water committee is meeting this lunchtime to vote on it’s final report.

The water committee is to agree on the document later but Fine Gael says it’ll vote against it.

A number of government ministers have made it clear that it will not affect the confidence and supply agreement between the parties.


The water committee is to agree on the document later today but Fine Gael says it cannot vote for it because the party believes it to be dishonest.

Housing Minister Simon Coveney insists he won’t introduce legislation which he feels would put Ireland at loggerheads with EU law.

His party colleague, Clarecastle FG TD Joe Carey, says that’s an important factor which needs to be borne in mind, given that it could be costly.

The issue has led to significant tensions between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael but talks of a general election being called over the issue have been rubbished by government ministers, including Leo Varadkar.

He’s been quizzed in the Dáil about the confidence and supply agreement which does say the Government will facilitate the passage of legislation to give effect to the water committee report.

Taking leaders questions in the Dáil Minister Varadkar rounded on Fianna Fáil’s policy

A group of Right2Water TDs says a demonstration planned for Saturday should be a celebration of an enormous victory but also a signal to Minister Simon Coveney to implement the recommendations of the committee.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett says the two biggest parties shouldn’t think there can be back door charges when it comes to the legislation.