CSO Releases First Regional COVID-19 Data

The CSO has released new data showing that the COVID-19 mortality rate in the MidWest is a quarter of that in Dublin.

However, this first geographic breakdown of cases and deaths shows the virus has been more prevalent here than in other regions.


The data covers up to last Friday, when there were 1,518 deaths due to COVID-19 in Ireland.

The deadliest week was in mid-April when 270 people died.

109 deaths have been recorded in Munster, and figures on the mortality rate by region suggest 57 of those came in Clare, Limerick and Tipperary.

The rate of mortality here is a quarter of that in Dublin, but more people have died here than in the West, South-East and South-West.

That’s also the case for confirmed cases – in this region, one person in every 346 has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Regionally, and nationally, more men have died than women, even though more women have been diagnosed with the disease.

Over 90% of all deaths are among the over 65s, but 17 people under the age of 44 have died as a result of the virus.

88% who died had an underlying health condition.

Areas of higher population density to have more cases of the disease than expected, but the data shows a significant proportion of cases have also been recorded in the smallest communities.

The figures will be skewed somewhat by areas which include locations with clusters of the virus, such as nursing homes, hospitals and meat plants, where they are affected.