Radio Bingo September 30th

It’s Wednesday, September 30th  

There was one winner of yesterday’s draw which means today’s prize is 200.
Congratulations to Aileen Byrne, Shannon who purchased her book in McLoughneys, Shannon.  Aileen wins 200 euro.

There was no winner of yesterday's Jackpot


It is Week 40 and we are playing off the Blue page of your book the very best of luck – here are today’s numbers

45 51 71 78 1 13 19 88 35 68

If you’ve filled a panel with those numbers, call 01 9056267 before 8pm tonight and you could win or share in today’s prize. 

Don’t forget next weeks Jackpot stands at 18,300 Euro 

Today’s bingo numbers can be heard at 2:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm