Morning Focus – Wednesday 11/03/20

Today on Morning Focus, we were joined in studio by Margaret O’Brien CEO of Ennis Chamber and Alphie Rogers, Marketing Manager, Treacy’s West County Hotel to discuss the impact Covid -19 has had on businesses.

Ten new cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the Republic of Ireland – bringing the total number to 34. Two are healthcare workers, while the remainder had either returned from an affected area or had close contact with another confirmed case. Earlier this week the decision was taken to cancel St Patrick’s Day parades around the country in a bid to stem the spread of the virus. The decision has heightened the public fear over the spread of the virus.

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To further this discussion we also heard at the beginning of the show from local retailers as they spoke to our very own Ben Sweeney about how consumers shouldn’t be afraid to visit urban areas despite the Coronavirus issue.

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Next on the show, we heard from Climate Change Expert, Professor John Sweeney as he spoke to Gavin about the flooding risks present in the county. As one of Ireland’s leading climate change experts, he has warned Clare Councillors that 10% of homes here are at risk of flooding. Professor John Sweeney of NUI Maynooth has said Clare properties are more likely to be at risk of flooding than anywhere else in the country. His remarks came in a presentation to Clare County Council this week, in which he cited research by local intelligence solutions company Gamma.

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After the news, we were joined in studio by John Kerin, Chairperson of Club Clare and Joe Cooney, Clare GAA Chairperson as the Club Clare Fundraiser which was planned for this Saturday has been postponed. The event was poised to be a memorable one, as it was to see a gathering of Clare’s 1995 All Ireland winners and a chance for fans to revel in the memories of an unforgettable summer. The occasion was also a key fundraiser for the Clare hurling squads of all ages.

Next on Morning Focus, we talked about how funeral services be impacted by Coronavirus with PJ Murphy, Undertakers from Kilmaley, The guidelines around sanitation and anti-Coronavirus measures were discussed on the show yesterday. A number of listeners contacted us to share their experience of changes to services to help tackle the spread of the virus. It follows advice from the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, who yesterday said that Funeral services for victims of coronavirus should be delayed but the remains should be buried or cremated immediately. There have been no Covid-19 related deaths in Ireland but the group has issued a list of recommendations in the event of fatalities. It has also advised that relatives of the deceased should not be permitted to attend funeral homes and that funeral instructions should be given over the phone only.

Then on the show, we were joined on this line by Michael McNaughton, Director, Insolvency Service of Ireland. The Insolvency Service of Ireland offers a network of qualified professionals to help those who are struggling with debt. They can offer debt advice and work with creditors on their behalf to work out solutions and try to get people back on track financially.

To finish up today’s Morning Focus, like always of a Wednesday we were joined in studio by John Underhill of Burren Vets for this week’s Ask the Vet.

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