Almost 4,500 Ukrainian Beneficiaries Currently Being Hosted In Clare

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Almost 4,500 Ukrainian beneficiaries are currently being hosted throughout the county.

Clare County Council’s latest report shows over 100 householders have made submissions to the Local Authority since the inception of the ‘Offer A Home Scheme’ in December 2022.



The Local Authority’s latest monthly management report shows that 4,464 Ukrainian refugees were accommodated in Clare at the end of April , representing the sixth highest total nationwide.

92% of this cohort were hosted in multi occupancy units, with the number of such premises coming on stream here in the last month increasing from 29 to 34.

The remaining 349 beneficiaries were accommodated through combinations of private arrangements, Irish Red Cross pledged accommodation and the Local Government’s ‘Offer a Home Scheme’.

Since the inception of the ‘Offer a Home Scheme’ in December of 2022, 109 homeowners have submitted their unocupied dwellings to Clare County Council for consideration.

Of the 104 homes that have so far been assessed, five are not yet available and 24 have been withdrawn from the scheme as they were either unsuitable or the homeowner had a change in circumstance.

The Local Authority has so far matched 58 homes and have accommodated 203 people that were living in hotel or multi-unit accommodation in the locality.

Clare County Council is currently in receipt of over 300 expressions of interest from Ukrainian families seeking to move into the offered homes.