Travel Tales – Ibiza Special Dawn Hindle

Travel Tales with Fergal Podcast – Ibiza Special Dawn Hindle – Pikes Hotel

The Travel Tales with Fergal podcast guest this week is an Ibizan hospitality legend Dawn Hindle. This episode is real wanderlust for some summer travel daydreaming. Originally from the UK, Dawn Hindle went to Ibiza in 1994 and set up the famous Manumission Club night that put Ibiza on the world clubbing map. She has since set up Ibiza Rocks and now owns the iconic Pikes Hotel.


The hotel has hosted many famous guests like Grace Jones and infamously hosted Freddie Mercury’s 40th birthday party that lasts for several days. The famous Pikes swimming pool was used in the Wham Club Tropicana music video.

Dawn’s story is the story of the island. She gives great Ibiza recommendations and really conjures up fond memories of summer sun, beaches, restaurants and parties to inspire your dreams of future summer travels.

There have been big changes on the island since the pandemic hit. The locals have seen what the island is like with less crowds and there is now going to be a bit push for more sustainable tourism with less numbers spending more for more relaxed holidays.

The island is in fact one of the most beautiful islands in Europe and it has something for everyone of all ages and for families too. If just depends where you go on the island. Listen to the podcast where Dawn gives great tips where to stay on the holiday depending on your holidays needs.

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