Travel Tales with Fergal – Karl Spain

The Travel Tales with Fergal Podcast guest this week is Karl Spain, who is one the best stand up comedians in Ireland.

Karl isn’t just a great stand up but also a great natural story teller. Karl tells us about his love of going to sports events like the football world Cup, and he shares great stories on the podcast performing at comedy gigs all over the world to places including India, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Romania, Brussels, Dubai, Edinburgh and Clonmel to name a few.


Celebrating its 3rd Season the Travel Tales with Fergal Podcast is now listened to in over 80 countries and is Ireland’s No.1 travel podcast. His guests talk about travel, culture, people, food, politics, history, the tourism industry and expat life to name just a few topics

Fergal has a lifelong love of travel and has visited over 40 countries. He brings his natural curiosity and passion for travel when interviewing a wide range of guests from the arts, sport, journalism, travel business and expats.

The podcast has a very simple premise where the host Fergal O’Keeffe chats to a special guest every week about the 5 trips or places that most influenced them. We talk about their travels, adventures and experiences living abroad.

Guests come from all walks of life with one thing in common. They all have great travel stories and have included Anthony Daly, Keith Wood, Mark O’Halloran, Louise Nealon, Paul Wallace, Manchan Magan and David McWilliams.

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