Shannon Group CEO addresses Ryanair’s closure of their base for winter

Photo (c) Shannon Group

The Future of Shannon Airport now hangs in the balance after Ryanair yesterday announced that they would be closing their base at both Shannon and Cork airports for the winter period. This comes two days following the government’s announcement that they had made €10m in funding available to share between the two airports, in an effort to combat the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, it’s only one week since Shannon Group told a Dáil Transport Committee hearing that their revenue is down by €1.3m each and every week since March. Ryanair have confirmed that 55 staff there will be temporarily let go as a result of the closure.
Can the airport recover from this blow and what long-term impact will the move have on the region?

On Friday’s Morning Focus, Gavin Grace spoke to CEO of Shannon Group, Mary Considine.