Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month

Photo (c) Pixabay

On Monday’s Morning Focus, Alan was joined by Lisa Joyce, Birth & Postpartum Pregnancy Yoga online & in person Doula along with Petrina O’Halloran who is the founder of Mama’s Boobie Box, mum blogger and writer for online magazine Lisa and Petrina focused in on Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month which is taking place this May. They discussed how common perinatal mood and anxiety disorder is among new mothers. Lisa described some of the negative aspects of pregnancy for new mothers regarding their inability to vent their frustrations and worries. She urged new mothers to speak out if they are struggling and highlighted an array of services that offer support and assistance. Petrina outlined the importance of identifying a plan with your partner which will help you and your new addition settle in to everyday life.

You can listen to the full interview below.