A Look Back On An Eventful Week Of Beef Protests

Over the past seven days, Ireland’s nationwide beef protests have been hitting national headlines daily.

Originally started by the Beef Plan Movement a fortnight ago, the demonstrations have grown and grown and even lead to the closure of 14 meat factories nationwide.

It’s also led to widespread temporary lay offs at plants including Kepak, near Ennis.


In Clare, the Beef Plan has now distanced itself from the protest there as it grew bigger and bigger.

But with so much being said around the country about it, what’s the latest in Clare?

In this week’s podcast, Clare chair of the Beef Plan Joseph Woulfe shares their perspective (from 13:00), while Junior Minister Pat Breen reveals his thoughts (15:45).

We also hear from protesting farmers about what has prompted them to make their voices heard (18:27).

Also on this week’s podcast in Teagasc’s Martin Feerick, who’s on hand for advice on Autumn reseeding (1:00).

Listen back below