IFA Presidential Hopeful Angus Woods Visits Clare

The race is on for who is to replace Joe Healy as president of the IFA and with that, comes a tour of the country for prospective candidates.

One of those who has thrown his hat into the ring is Angus Woods of the Wicklow branch of the IFA – Angus is currently livestock chair and has been kept busy with the developments in the beef sector of late.

He attended this month’s executive meeting here in Clare and afterwards, spoke to James Mulhall on the beef crisis, on how farmers are feeling and on his presidential ambitions.


He even shared a tale about how he made rowing cool long before Cork’s renowned O’Donovan brothers!

You can hear Angus on this week’s podcast from 12:00.

Also on the show this week was Joey Larkin from Teagasc who was on hand to discuss at things to do with theĀ Beef Data and Genomics Programme.

Listen back below: