How Can Farmers Help Tackle Rural Crime?

Rural crime is an issue facing thousands of people across the country, with many said to be living in fear of it.

For farmers, this can come in a variety of manner – from theft to robbery, trespassing to criminal damage.

But one common theme that seems to have emerged is the concern that farmers can’t do anything to change that.


This past week saw the IFA’s Deputy President Richard Kennedy address Clare’s Joint Policing Committee on efforts by the organisation to work with the likes of the GardaĆ­ to stamp out the issue.

He speaks with us on this week’s podcast from (11:33) about what has been done, what will be done and what can be done.

Also on the podcast this week is Martin Feerick from Teagasc, with advice on managing environmental issues ahead of winter housing (from 1:10).

Listen back below

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