Should More Farmers Be Getting Behind The Green Party?

This year’s local and general elections saw a surge in support for the Green Party in all corners.

Here in Clare alone, the party has its first elected representative in a decade in the form of Róisín Garvey, who has taken her seat in the council chambers.

But an RTÉ exit poll, conducted at polling stations across the country, found that members of the farming community didn’t seem to support the Greens.


This prompted West Clare-based Ray Foley, who works for an environmental NGO, to question why that is in an opinion piece for

Ray joins us this week (from 12:20) to discuss his views.

Also on the podcast from Saturday’s programme, we’ve got Conor O’Reilly from Teagasc on farm management for the month of June (from 1:05).

Listen back below:

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