Clare sanctuary saves greyhounds from slaughter

You may have seen a recent TV investigation suggesting that up to 6,000 greyhounds are put down every year in Ireland – simply because they’re deemed unsuitable for racing or coursing.

A Prime Time investigation revealed disturbing instances of perfectly healthy dogs being euthanised at knackeries, in some cases for as little at €10 each.

Since that programme, the Irish Greyhound Board has pledged to introduce a number of new welfare measures. This has included increasing funding for rescue and re-homing projects which would save dogs from slaughter.


One of those is the Clare Greyhound Sanctuary. Morning Focus Producer Fiona McGarry went to find out more about its work this week from Petra Meyer who runs the re-homing service.

We will bring you part two where Fiona McGarry will be speaking to Ger Dollard the CEO of the Irish Greyhound Board.