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Colum McGrath Breakfast Show

Dee The Dog Trainer – Dealing With Frustration

When we invite puppies into our world, we sometimes forget how stressful that can be. We expect them to accept leads in public, accept being...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Dog Aggression

On The Colum McGrath Breakfast Show this week. Dogs which guard items and food can be a nightmare to live with, it is easy...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Submissive Urination

Submissive urination is when your young puppy pees a little, usually when excited and greeting new people or dogs. It’s a puppy’s way of saying...

Top 5 Tips on Lead Pulling

Does your dog take you for a walk, or do you take your dog for a walk? On the Colum McGrath Breakfast Show this...

Dee The Dog Trainer – Separation Anxiety

Separation distress is a real and worrying issue for many dogs and owners. It occurs when your dog gets extremely distressed when you leave, often...

Kayak Le Chéile at Scoil Chríost Rí

Kayak Le Chéile is an extra-curricular activity at Scoil Chríost Ri in Ennis and is funded by the Clare Sports Partnership. It operates on...

The CMG Breakfast Show Podcast – The One With Michael Carruth

On this week's Colum McGrath Breakfast Show - Michael Carruth chats about Dancing With The Stars, Mikie O'Loughlin brings us the latest from the...

The CMG Breakfast Show Podcast – The One With Hector

On this week's Colum McGrath Breakfast, Hector was on talking about Feel The Burren. Mikie O'Loughlin was on chatting with Michael Carruth and Mary...

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